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In a landmark judgment, supreme court in Writ Petition (C) No.650/2017, ROHIT NARESH AGARWAL vs Medical council of India in which IA was filed by one Dr. Malhar Gautam, Was heard by Justice Arun Mishra and Justice Amitava Roy and ripped off the controversial Section 4 (3) of Screening test Regulations of MCI.

The Order reads as “We do not find any error in the decision rendered by the High Court in declaring regulation 4(3) of the Screening Test Regulations, 2002 as ultra vires. As we have upheld the judgment of the High Court, the writ petition filed questioning the same stands allowed. The appeals filed by the Medical Council of India are dismissed

Section 4 (3) of Screening test Regulations reads as “He/She has studied for the medical course at the same institute located abroad for the entire duration of the course from where he/she has obtained the degree.” The following shall be added in Clause 4(3) in terms of Notification published on 16.01.2016 in the Gazette of India. “Provided in cases where Central Government is informed of condition of war, civil unrest, rebellion, internal war or any such situation wherein life of Indian citizen is in distress and such information has been received through the Indian Embassy in that country then the Council shall relax the requirement of obtaining medical education: from the same institute located abroad in respect of which communication has been received from the Indian Embassy in that country.”

The implication of this Judgment will be that the students who have studied their MBBS from two different geographical locations of same University (Different campuses) will become eligible to write MCI Screening examination. Before this Judgment, these students were not even allowed to write FMGE/ MCI screening examination. It’s important to note that many foreign universities have different campuses and part of studies in different campus is very common outside India, especially in European Union and South East Asia

SAARC Quota Selected Students 2018

Curriculum for Under-graduate Dental (BDS) – Updated 2016

Being a Doctor is not a Dream Now

In India, it is a dream of many students to be a doctor. Many student fantasies the ‘Dr.’ title in front of their names.

But receiving the degree is not so easy. The students have to study hard to obtain good marks. But the good result is not enough for the degree. There are some other conditions also.

Now the question is, what do students need to get their MBBS degree apart from quality study and good marks?

The answer is ‘Experience’.

We have a clear idea about the education system of our country. Due to excessive population, the students in our country often do not get chances to secure their seats in government medical colleges. But that’s not a proof of the fact that those students don’t deserve to be a doctor.

Why Study MBBS in Bangladesh

When students cannot get their seats in Govt. colleges, they go to private medical colleges. But private colleges have an excessive demand of donation and Govt. colleges have acute shortage of seats. So deserved students can’t get the admission though having a good result.

So, as a result, many of them drop their dream to be a doctor and switch to some alternative career. In this way, many students lose their way in life and get stuck into an undesirable profession.

But the question is, “Is there any solution to this problem?”

Well the answer is “Yes”.

There is hope for all. At recent times, it is seen that there is an urge among students to study abroad. As there is acute shortage of chance in our country, many students set out for some foreign country. Bangladesh is an emerging name among all the countries. Student can easily go to Study MBBS in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh offers the MBBS course at a low cost for the willing students. The course of study is also availed without any donation. Bangladesh has a high standard study course sometimes better than many private colleges in India.

Bangladeshi colleges are approved by WHO, UNESCO and other international organizations.

Advantages of Studying in Bangladesh:

Bangladesh offers a homely ambiance for students. The food habit, culture, language are same as India. Bangladesh has a seat reservation for International students.

Bangladesh has extra facilities for students coming through SAARC quota. For detailed information, Click Here

The medium of teaching is English, though Bengali is used as second language there, but Bengali can easily be adopted.
Bangladesh offers a moderate Fee Structure for the students. For detail information on MBBS Fee Structure, Find out Here

MBBS in Bangladesh admission session starts from the month of June – July. Class starts from January.
Bangladeshi Colleges are MCI approved. So, students can easily access their career as a doctor in any corner of India. All colleges are approved by MCI Act 1956. Is Bangladesh a safe place for the students?
Yes, it is.
Bangladesh is a dry country and so it is safe for students as no alcohol or drugs are allowed there.
The colleges offer MBBS and BDS course. To know more, click here
Some best colleges in Bangladesh are under the MCI approved universities which are:
Dhaka University
Rajshahi University
Chittagong University
There are lots of good colleges under these universities.
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What We Provide

We help students to get their MBBS degree in their desired colleges since 2015. As it is really difficult for students to get chances in our country, we help the students who are willing to go Bangladesh for their MBBS degree.

As it is a long way to have the degree and the students have to visit a different country, they feel a little bit nervous. Not only the students, but the parents also are a little nervous. So, they need some hand of help.

At Aspiring Life, we try to be the helping hand to assist the students to brighten their future. The services students get from us are:

Centers in all major cities of India

Our head office is located in Kolkata, but we have our centers in all major cities of India. So students who are staying out of Kolkata can easily get help from us if they wish to.

Students get enough assistance for choosing their courses

We offer MBBS and BDS degree for the willing students. We help the students to select the suitable course for them. Our expert team helps the students to get their desired career and build a good future.

An expert team is always there to help the students

We have an extremely experienced and talented expert team. The team always helps the students to get in the right path. We have different expert teams for the various needs of the students.

We provide courses in a low rate

Everyone thinks that studying abroad is very expensive. But in Aspiring Life we provide the students the entire course at a very affordable rate. Studying in Bangladesh is in the reach of every people.

An all time helping hand for the students

We have students coming from different social and commercial backgrounds. We respect each one’s demand and customize our service regarding their needs.

Get your admission in high – standard colleges and Universities

Unlike other consultancies, we always help our students in all their problems. Not only in India, but we are aware and ready to serve solutions to our students also in abroad.

Students are accompanied till the first day of college and afterwards

We are partnered with some top colleges and universities abroad and help students to get in almost their preferable colleges. The colleges are approved by MCI and some international health organizations. So students can easily access their career after passing from here.

Quick Apply For MBBS in Bangladesh


We provide direct admission for MBBS in Bangladesh in top MCI approved medical colleges.