China Universities Fees Structure

Greenway Abroad Studies


# 1 RMB = Indian 9.5 Rs. (Approx.for calculation purpose).
# Rate is used for calcultations purpose. RMB (Chinese Currency) rate change from time to time. Please calculate accordingly.
# The student has to pay as per the rate from time to time & as mentioned in admission letter.
# One time Charges & Misc. Charges include Physical Examination, Registration Fees, Health Insurance, Books & Study Material, Residence Permit.
# Food Expences as per individual students need (Approx Rs. 60,000 per year)
# RMB - Chinese Currency.
#The Fees Structure may change as per direction of the univesity from time to time.
#Hostel charges depends on the available rooms/accomation type.
# Though due care is taken while preparing this fee structure chart their may be changes in the fees depending on the circumstances and universities updates.
# GCC not responsible for the same and kindly confirm the university information and fees details from your reliable resources.