MBBS in Bangladesh

Aspiring medical study is a dream of many students. Students start their preparation to get admission in medical colleges after their secondary exam. Every year a huge number of students take special coaching classes to crack the medical entrance exams. But with all these preparations, every year a large number of students miss their chance to get admission in government medical colleges. The main reason behind this occurrence is the insufficient accommodation facility. The government colleges don’t have enough seats to satisfy all the students who appear for the entrance exam. There are private medical colleges also. But those colleges demand a huge amount of money as donation. So it becomes impossible for students who come from an underprivileged background to pay the donation.

So, the students leave their dreams of becoming a doctor. They have to find out another career options and they get stuck easily. But now it is not very difficult to have the degree. It is not even mandatory to study in India as there are many foreign countries are providing a good quality of study for the medical degree. Countries like Russia, China is known for providing good study course. The list also includes Bangladesh. At recent times, students seem to be very much interested to go to Bangladesh.

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Students have to pass their 10+2 or equivalent examination from any government affiliated board with Physics, Chemistry and Biology with at least 60% marks. They have to pass in English also.
There shouldn’t be a two years gap between the application date and the passing date of Higher Secondary exams.

Parents’ Concern:

Parents often get worried while sending their wards to a foreign country. There are a lot of things parents are worried about. But Bangladesh is a very safe country for the students. The food habit in this country is familiar with India. The Bengali cuisine and some Lucknow cuisine are available here. So there’ll be no problem with the food habit. It is a secured country. The hostels for the students are within the college campus. So it is very much secured for the students. There is separate hostel facility for Girls’ and Boys’. The concerning authority of the hostels are very strict. So the students are safe in the hostel room. Overall, Bangladesh is a safe country for the students.

How Authentic is the Consultancy???

We are aware of the fact that there are many fraud consultancies that collect money with the promise to give the proper guidance and assistance to students but never keep their promises. We can assure our clients that we are not one of them. We have authentic affiliation from the universities. People can search on internet for our authentic affiliation. We have uploaded all the certificates that we receive from the Bangladeshi universities in our official website. We have over 100 students who are studying in Bangladesh. New students can look out for them for reviews. We are always intended to provide the quality study students deserve.  
So students who are eager to get an MBBS degree from foreign universities, Bangladesh is opt for you. And if you’re planning to go to Bangladesh, Aspiring Life is ready to help you with all the admission process.

Education Quality:

Bangladesh, once a part of India is now an independent country. The country has undergone through a recent upliftment in their education system. So now, Bangladesh is being counted as one of the most promising country to provide the MBBS degree. Medical colleges in Bangladesh are getting for providing the best quality study. All the colleges have approval from MCI or Medical Council of India. They are approved by all the international health organization like WHO, UNICEF etc. The certificate the colleges provide is accepted all over the world.

Facility for Migrating Students:

The colleges arrange special classes for Indian students as they have to appear in the FMGE test. Students who have medical degrees from any foreign countries have to appear the FMGE test. Students can set up their career after passing this test. Medical colleges in Bangladesh take great care so that Indian students can easily pass the test.

Courses and Syllabus:

The course and syllabus followed in the colleges are as same as the Indian colleges. The mode of study is in English. The notes and other study material provided are also in English. The teaching stuffs are efficient in their eras. There will be no communication gap between students and local people as the people are accustomed with English and Hindi. Moreover, studying in Bangladesh will give students a chance to learn a new language.

Easy to Adjust:

As Bangladesh was once a part of India, students will get the similar environment here. It is a home away from home. The local people are very helpful and familiar. The food habit, culture and custom everything is almost similar. So students won’t find it difficult to adjust. Besides, Bangladesh is located right next to India, so the distance between the two countries is very short. This is another prime reason for students to visit Bangladesh in a huge number.

Safe for Students:

The administration of the country is very strict. Consumption of drug and alcohol is banned in the country. If anyone is caught while having it, they will be highly prosecuted. So it is a safe country for the students. The college authorities are also very much disciplined. They have different hostel accommodation for boys and girls. The authority doesn’t let the students to be involved in any kind of mischief. The students are even not allowed to stay late at night outside of the hostel. All the hostels are within the college campus.

So, Bangladesh is a ray of hope for students who are desperately eager to study medical but can’t make it possible in India. Students can easily set for Bangladesh to study MBBS in Bangladesh.
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