Details of Admission, tuition & other fees for foreign student being admitted in MBBS course for academic session 2017-2018 has been detailed below:


Payment schedule for Admission of Foreign students in the Popular Medical College for the session 2017-2018.
The total 05 (five) years package amount US$ 44,000.00 (Forty four thousand) only which will includes tuition fees, Government free US$ 1000, & University fee US$ 1000, Accommodation & US$ 2,250.—(two thousand two hundred & fifty) only as internship fee (refundable duing internship). Food is to paid extra or  to arrange by the Candidate.
The Payment shall have to be made as per following schedule-:

 1st  installment: At the time of admission: US$ 20,000
 2nd  installment: By 30th December, 2018: US$ 6,000.00
 3rd  installment: By 30th December, 2019: US$ 6,000.00
4th  installment: By 30th December, 2020: US$ 6,000.00
 4th  installment: By 30th December, 2020: US$ 6,000.00

Total academic period is 5 years. In case of failed students i.e. who will be needed more than 5 years to completed the course . I have to pay tuition fees as being paid by other regular students for additional period of stay.

  1. Out of US$ 20,000 of 1st installment each candidate shall have to book his/her seat with US$ 10,000.00 (non refundable) upto an agreed date (30th November’17). Rest 10,000.00 shall have to be paid at the time of finalization of admission.
Other Payment
Please note that if Government of Bangladesh and/or the Rajshahi University impose any other cost in future (tax, levy or any other form) students have to pay accordingly.
 Internship Year (Bangladesh / India)
6th Year
Foreign Students willing to undergo internship at the Affiliated Hospital of Rangpur Community Medical College & Hospital might get a stipend which is as per discretion of the College.
·  Fees may change as per College rules or dollar rates. All payments of Tuition Fees are payable to Rangpur Community Medical College & Hospital  Directly by Swift Transfer. ·   Parents are advised not to hand over any tuition fees to the consultancy or agency that is doing their wards admission. College will not be held responsible if parents pay tuition fees to any other source other than the college account mentioned in the Admission Letter. ·  Other Expenses (Food , airfare, resident permit, exam fee, buying books or bones etc) to be borne by the students directly. . All payments in India should be made in the A/c of ASPIRING LIFE CONSULTANTS PVT LTD By Cheque/ DD