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In a move that will help thousands of students planning to pursue medical courses abroad, the government mulls extending the validity of their NEET score to three years. At present, the validity of the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is one year — the same year it is being attempted. According to sources, the Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry have cleared a proposal by the Medical Council of India-Board of Governors to this effect. “This is being done to help students who might be living outside India and are willing to come back after becoming doctors,” a senior official with the ministry told TNIE. “This will save students the hassle of taking NEET all over again if for some reason they can’t join a medical college in the year they appear for NEET,” he added. At present, medical graduates who get their degrees from institutes abroad have to take the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination conducted by the medical education regulator before they are registered to practice as doctors in the country. Earlier, students scoring a minimum of 50 percent marks in Class XII had to procure an Eligibility Certificate from the MCI before they can move offshore to become doctors.NEET this year is scheduled for May 5

Source: The New Indian Express



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Being a Doctor is not a Dream Now

In India, it is a dream of many students to be a doctor. Many student fantasies the ‘Dr.’ title in front of their names.

But receiving the degree is not so easy. The students have to study hard to obtain good marks. But the good result is not enough for the degree. There are some other conditions also.

Now the question is, what do students need to get their MBBS degree apart from quality study and good marks?

The answer is ‘Experience’.

We have a clear idea about the education system of our country. Due to excessive population, the students in our country often do not get chances to secure their seats in government medical colleges. But that’s not a proof of the fact that those students don’t deserve to be a doctor.

Why Study MBBS in Bangladesh

When students cannot get their seats in Govt. colleges, they go to private medical colleges. But private colleges have an excessive demand of donation and Govt. colleges have acute shortage of seats. So deserved students can’t get the admission though having a good result.

So, as a result, many of them drop their dream to be a doctor and switch to some alternative career. In this way, many students lose their way in life and get stuck into an undesirable profession.

But the question is, “Is there any solution to this problem?”

Well the answer is “Yes”.

There is hope for all. At recent times, it is seen that there is an urge among students to study abroad. As there is acute shortage of chance in our country, many students set out for some foreign country. Bangladesh is an emerging name among all the countries. Student can easily go to Study MBBS in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh offers the MBBS course at a low cost for the willing students. The course of study is also availed without any donation. Bangladesh has a high standard study course sometimes better than many private colleges in India.

Bangladeshi colleges are approved by WHO, UNESCO and other international organizations.

Advantages of Studying in Bangladesh:

Bangladesh offers a homely ambience for students. The food habit, culture, language are same as India. Bangladesh has a seat reservation for International students.

Bangladesh colleges offer extra facilities for students coming through SAARC quota. .

The medium of teaching is English, though Bengali is used as a second language there, Bengali can easily be adopted..

Fees Structure of Bangladesh medical colleges are affordable.

What We Provide

We help students to get their MBBS degree in their desired colleges since 2015. As it is really difficult for students to get chances in our country, we help the students who are willing to go Bangladesh for their MBBS degree.

As it is a long way to have the degree and the students have to visit a different country, they feel a little bit nervous. Not only the students, but the parents also are a little nervous. So, they need some hand of help.

At Aspiring Life, we try to be the helping hand to assist the students to brighten their future. The services students get from us are:

Centers in all major cities of India

Our head office is located in Kolkata, but we have our centers in all major cities of India. So students who are staying out of Kolkata can easily get help from us if they wish to.

Students get enough assistance for choosing their courses

We offer MBBS and BDS degree for the willing students. We help the students to select the suitable course for them. Our expert team helps the students to get their desired career and build a good future.

An expert team is always there to help the students

We have an extremely experienced and talented expert team. The team always helps the students to get in the right path. We have different expert teams for the various needs of the students.

Quick Apply For MBBS in Bangladesh


We provide direct admission for MBBS in Bangladesh in top MCI approved medical colleges.

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