From the Director’s desk

From the Director's desk

Greeting from Aspiring life Consultants Pvt. Ltd.! Age is just a number and experience does not come from grey Hair. Success can be tasted only with hard work, ability to take risk, being ethical and worship the work you do. . I am not a born leader am also like that student who is learning a new lesson every day. The birth of Aspiring Life is sudden venture - a risk worth taken. People might at the first glance consider Aspiring Life like any other consultancy. But I would request you to consider Aspiring Life as a counseling guide, a philosopher and a friend of your son, daughter, brother and sister who are on the first step to enter his or her professional career.

Aspiring life will be your route map to reach your destination .We at Aspiring Life don’t sell you a college or a course we are here to guide you to choose the career for whom you are made or the career made for you.

We at Aspiring Life have a panel of departments & counselors to take care of your processing & overall grooming of both candidates & parents.
Besides all this we at Aspiring life believe that the most important role is played by the parents as they are the financial back up of their wards. So we here don’t aim at selling a very high price college to a person of poor financial backup. We provide all ranges of colleges keeping in mind the financial condition of the mass. We also provide scholarship to deserving candidates.

Without further taking your time I would request you to take a tour of the website (

Aspiring life wishes all of you success in life

Warm Regards

Chaitali Sengupta Director,

Aspiring Life Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
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