Frequently Asked Questions for Students getting admission in MBBS in Bangladesh

11. What are the eligibility criteria to study MBBS in Bangladesh?
Ans. To study MBBS in Bangladesh, you should pass the 10+2 or equivalent exam. Bangladeshi colleges don’t require any admission test. But students have to score 60% or above marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students have to be passed in English. Students have to be minimum 17 years old in December 31 of the year of admission.
22. What is MCI screening test?
Ans. After completing your degree at Bangladesh, you have to appear on a competitive exam named MCI screening test. This test is generally known as FMGE or Foreign Medical Graduate Examination. This exam is conducted by the National Board of Examination or NBE.
3. How many times I can appear for the test?
Ans. There is no such rule regarding this test. If you can’t crack the test, you can appear for it an innumerable time.
44. Is the degree recognized in outside of Bangladesh?
Ans. Yes, the degree is recognized in India, U.S. U.K. You have no problems to settle your career. You only have to follow the process of recognizing the foreign degree.
55. Is the colleges are MCI approved?
Ans. Yes, the colleges are approved by MCI and other international health organizations. All the colleges take special care of Indian students as they have to appear in MCI screening test.
66. Where I can do my internship?
Ans. Internship can be done in India or in Bangladesh. Some colleges offer internship in India for free, some take charges for it. Some colleges don’t allow students for the internship outside.
77. What is the Mode of Payment?
Ans. You can either pay in check or in cash. The advance amount of money has to be paid in our Kolkata office. You can also pay online.
88. What currency I should use?
Ans. You can use US $. You can also pay by converting US $ in INR and pay in our Kolkata office. You’ll get detailed information regarding money conversion here.
99. Which mode is to use for travel?
Ans. There are three ways to travel to Bangladesh from Kolkata. There is cozy train service from Kolkata to Dhaka. Two trains are going from Kolkata to Dhaka. Detailed information you’ll get here. Bus service is also available. Many bus agencies render frequent bus services to Dhaka. Click here for detailed information. You can go through air. There are many flights going from Kolkata to Dhaka. All your information you’ll get here.
1010. What is the total costing for Hostel and Food?
Ans. The costing varies from college to college. The fees will be paid in Bangladeshi Taka (BDT). Further details are in the table below:
1. Bangladesh Medical College BDT – 12,000/- per month
2. Anwer Khan Modern Medical College Included BDT – 3,000/- per month
3. Marks Medical College Included BDT – 2,500/- per month
4. Shahabuddin Medical College BDT – 6,628/- BDT – 4,142/- per month
5. Rangpur Medical College Free BDT – 3,000/- per month
6. TMSS Medical College FREE
7. BGC Trust Medical College BDT – 3,000/- per month
8. Brahmanberia Medical College Free BDT – 2,000/- per month
9. Southern Medical College Free BDT – 2,000/- per month
10. Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College BDT – 4,000/- per month
11. Delta Medical College Free BDT – 4,000 /-per month
12. Central Medical College Free BDT – 2,000/- per month
13. Dhaka National Medical College Adv. – 26,000 BDT & BDT – 300/ per month.
1111. What is the Course duration?
Ans. The duration is 6 years. 5 years of course and 1 year of internship.
1212. What kind of food is available there?
Ans. Food habit is similar to India. All colleges have the good canteen facility.
1313. What is the dress code?
Ans. No such dress code is required, only the white apron is a must.
1414. Is the course expensive?
Ans. No, the fees are moderate.
1515. How many vacation can I have?
Ans. You can have two vacations. So you can come home twice.
1616. How is the weather?
Ans. Weather is similar as India. The time of rain and the temperature in winter is same. You can get the weather detail here.
1717. Do I have to learn Bengali?
Ans. Yes, it is a sweet language. But the mode of teaching is in English and the local people are accustomed with Hindi.
1818. How do I get my visa?
Ans. For getting a visa you have to have a valid passport. After having passport you can apply for your visa. Students are suggested to apply for a Students’ Visa. This visa will be more helpful to continue their study. We will also help you in the process of getting visa. Detailed information you’ll get here.
1919. Can I get a loan?
Ans. You can apply for a bank loan. All banks are giving education loan. You can easily access loan regarding your need. As per RBI Guidelines, you can get loan up to Rs. 20 lacs. For further information, Click here
2020. Can I work while study?
Ans. No you can’t. The student visa which you have only allows you to study. The country is very restricted in these matters. So students are suggested not to attempt to do any type of job.
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