Low Cost Mbbs in Bangladesh

Why Bangladesh

Bangladesh recently has undergone a reconstruction in its education system. Now it’s providing a good quality of medical course. Besides Bangladesh has got similar climate and customs. Students will have a homely atomoshphere.

More Opportunity

Every year a large number of students fail to crack the medical entrances. It’s not that they are not eligible but most of fail just because they cannot compete with the huge number of students. After result some switch to academic studies. Rests who are really willing to study medical seek for some foreign country.

Quality Course

Among all the countries, Bangladesh is offering a good quality course. All the Bangladeshi colleges are MCI (Medical Council of India) approved. They are also approved by international organization. Besides Bangladeshi colleges are offering a special coaching session for MCI screening tests. The quality of study is even better than some of the Indian private colleges.


Bangladesh offers their course study at a very affordable cost. A student from a middle class family can also study in a Bangladeshi college because of their low fees. Apart from the course fee, the living cost in Bangladesh is at the reaches of all. Bangladesh is only a hundred miles away from India, so students can visit their home during holidays without spending much on transportation.

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